Experimenting is the essence of any innovative work.
It is G-iron's key strength
in developing shielding technology.




The company was founded in March 2001, producing low carbon content steel (C=0,002%/0,005%) for various industrial fields such as the moulding, the mechanical and the gold sector. In 2003 begins the research to develop a new type of metal, designed to mitigate low frequency magnetic fields in view of the Directive 2004/40/CE.
After thorough studies, carried out in cooperation with CSM SpA (Materials Development Center) in Rome, in May 2005 was finally created a new product that allowed to significally mitigate low frequency magnetic fields: the G-iron® Flex.
Further successful tests proved the effectiveness of G-iron Flex in reducing f=0 Hz to f>10 kHz magnetic fields. In fact, the material is effective even when it is used to shield DC magnetic fields. This feature is proved not only by laboratory tests but also by the shielding of a 10 T cryogenic magnet, at the C.N.R-I.N.F.N. in Naples.
In January 2007, the shielding of low frequency magnetic fields becomes G-iron's core business thanks to the installation of many shields both in Italy and abroad.
We are represented in the UAE by Federal Development Est.



G-iron manufactures, designs, tests and installs its shielding systems, thus offering a turn-key service with Guarantee of Results.


The flexibility of our material allows to install it on all kind of surfaces regardless of their shape.


The constant research in our laboratories is aimed at developing specific shielding products such as shielding telescopic cable trays, protections for busbars, folding and hinged doors along with ad hoc shielding solutions designed to satisfy the specific needs of every single client.


We design and test our shielding systems relying solely on certified software to simulate magnetic fields (Narda EFC400) and certified instruments to measure the values of induction (Narda EFA300 and EFA3).


G-iron® allows to comply with norms and regulations in force both nationally and internationally setting the magnetic fields exposure limits such as the European Directive 2012/11/EU or ICNIRP guidelines.



G-iron® protects the equipments in hospitals, data centers, research centers against the interferences caused by electromagnetic fields adhering to international standards such as EN 55024 e IEC 61000-4-8.


G-iron® protects human health against the exposure to magnetic and electromagnetic fields in schools, households, workplaces thus reducing considerably the risk of long and short term health damages..



G-iron® is excellently suited for greenbuilding projects since it mitigates electromagnetic pollution, improves the quality of life and reduces the environmental impact of the buildings.


Insights and topics.

Magnetic and electromagnetic fields. Analyses and epidemiological studies on several cases.

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