Electromagnetic shielding systems

g-iron h.i.f.


High Intensity Field

g-iron l.i.f.


Low Intensity Field

g-iron flex


G-iron® Flex is the most versatile and innovative product in the G-iron® set. It is a flexible metallic fabric made in G-iron® L.I.F. Completely laminated with a 0.14 mm polypropylene tape that is reinforced with a bidirectional glass yarn, the result is an extremely flexible product which, thanks to its protective film, can be submerged in concrete.



According to:
• Result to achieve
• Intensity of the magnetic field
• Features of the area we have to shield
• Further informations gathered during the site survey
We choose the most suitable configuration, between:

g-iron h.e.2.

G-iron H.E.2:

N°1 layer of G-iron Flex LIF
N°1 layer of 3,00 mm thick aluminum alloy
Thickness:3,70 mm
Weight: 11,50 kg/m2



G-iron H.E.3:

N°2 layers of G-iron Flex L.I.F.
N°1 layer of 3,00 mm thick aluminum alloy
Thickness: 4,50 mm
Weight: 15,10 kg/m2

H.E.2 and H.E.3 shielding configurations can be used in several applications such as:


The standard panels of our shielding raised floor are made of two layers of G-iron® L.I.F. or H.I.F spaced out with fire-resistant calcium sulfate panels. On the lower side there is a 0.5 mm aluminum plate balancer to facilitate the grounding of electrostatic energy and to limit the negative effects of underfloor humidity.
The standard finish of the planking level is usually made of a 1 mm thick antistatic laminate. The panel, measuring 600x600x38 mm, is trimmed with a 0.5 mm ABS border.
The upper side can be customized with diffferent materials such as antistatic or conductive PVC, rubber, wood flooring, marble, gres and stainless steel since the flexibility of the production process make it possible to evaluate several finishing possibilities.
If necessary we can supply a gridded support framework too, adjustable to any type of load and height.
The product is available only for a minimum request of 1.000 m2.

shielding raised floor


According to the section of the cables and the values of current flowing in them it is possible to determine the most suitable shielding configuration (G-iron® Flex, G-iron® H.E.2 and G-iron® H.E.3) to have the best performance.

Shielding cable trays are usually designed and manufactured ad hoc, according to the client's needs. They are pre-tested and certified for the induction values requested by the designer in order to guarantee the result requested. Tests are usually run from 50 to 150 cm from the tray or at specific distances requested by the client.

Our shielded cable trays are easily installed just as if they were standard cable trays. The exterior finish can be customized too, to make it easier to incorporate the product in a specific architectural context or to comply with more general aesthetic instructions.

shielding cable trays shielding cable trays

Insights and topics.

Magnetic and electromagnetic fields. Analyses and epidemiological studies on several cases.

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