G-iron dreams by day
to be cognizant of many things
that escape those who DREAM ONLY BY NIGHT.

Electromagnetic shielding systems

G-iron® Flex, a material with very high permeability and saturation values, is optimal to manufacture

electromagnetic shielding systems

shielding systems used jointly with a sheet of an aluminum alloy, so as to suit every client’s needs…


(Pure) iron with extremely low Carbon content (C<0.005%). We supply it in billets, wire rods, rolled

goodiron- iron with extremely low carbon content

or drawn, in reasonable production lot sizes. The utmost purity of the material is guaranteed by our rigorous quality controls…

Research & Development

G-iron®’s R&D laboratory tests new shielding technologies and aims to improve G-iron® Flex’s

research and development

efficiency by constantly studying its response to the rigorous tests it undergoes….

Shielding Cable Trays

Ideal for both overhead cable trays and underground power lines, custom-made to comply with the

shielding cable trays

goal requested. Due to their characteristics we always test them before delivering to our clients...



Our engineering department carefully analyzes all the data we receive, which are then confirm by a pre-installation site survey.   




We develop a customized shielding project that suits the specific requirements of the client. We then install it and commission it, thus providing a turnkey service.    



The shielding systems we develop are guaranteed for 20 years. Upon the client’s request their efficiency can be certified by third-party accredited labs, such as the National Research Council of Florence.

G-iron® Flex

G-iron® Flex is the most versatile and innovative product in the G-iron® set. It is a flexible metallic fabric made in G-iron® L.I.F. Completely laminated with a 0.14 mm polypropylene tape that is reinforced with a bidirectional glass yarn, the result is an extremely flexible product which, thanks to its protective film, can be submerged in concrete.



Insights and topics.

Magnetic and electromagnetic fields. Analyses and epidemiological studies on several cases.

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