G-iron has completed his works inside CityLife office tower in Milan, where we installed our shielding system on the 48th floor of the building in order to protect the areas below three electrical rooms against magnetic induction.
The towering skyscraper, known as ‘Torre Isozaki’, is named after the famous Japanese architect who designed it and is in the very heart of the city, not far from Expo 2015.
The original shielding project underwent various revisions over the last years, in order to adapt it to the client’s specific needs. Finally, it was found the optimal solution both for the intended use of the areas to protect and the unique design features of Italy’s tallest building.
The great flexibility and versatility of G-iron allows ample possibility for the expression of creativity so that designers, architects and engineers can adapt our shielding systems to their projects (not the other way round) without any limit to their imagination.
This is the reason why G-iron is an ally to rely upon even for the most complicate projects where it is necessary to find a user-friendly solution combining high performances with great versatility and simple and fast installation.