Shielding system for ABB (Terranuova, Italy)

Processing details

TERRANUOVA BRACCIOLINI (ITALY)ABB  – G-iron has again shielded ABB’s Terranuova Bracciolini plant (former well-known solar inverter manufacturer company Power-One).

The shielding system was designed in order to mitigate the magnetic induction in order to comply with the Italian law prescribing to respect the threshold of 3 µT ito protect the population from exposure to electric and magnetic fields at the network frequency (50 Hz) generated by power lines.

According to this Decree the value of 3 µT shall never be exceeded in houses, schools, and places assigned to a long human presence (where people are staying for 4 hours or more per day).

Being the area to protect adjacent to the technical rooms where the sources of radiation are placed, it was necessary to retrofit the premises before the staff could work inside the area.

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