Magnetic field shielding at Alcatel-Lucent (Vimercate, Italy)

Process details

VIMERCATE, MB (ITALY)Alcatel-Lucent – G-iron shielded two more rooms inside Alcatel-Lucent in Vimercate.

As in the first intervention, completed in 2013, (for more information click here) the aim of the work was to respect the threshold of 3 µT set by the Italian law.

Thanks to the installation of our shielding system, which comprise layers of G-iron Flex, a flexible and woven material with an extremely high magnetic permeability, and a sheet of aluminium alloy, the areas below the two electrical rooms are now in compliance with the current national regulation.

The results achieved thanks to the use of G-iron magnetic shield were further confirmed during the commissioning stage, performed in the presence of the Client.

For more information on this installation click here