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shielding system in Como

Shielding system in Como

G-iron's team has recently completed the installation of a shielding system in an apartment house in Como, Italy. The system was projected in order to protect families from the electromagnetic radiations generated in the electrical room next to their residences. The installation was completed...

United Arab Emirates

After less than five months, G-iron flies to the Emirates again. Our team will be in Dubai from June 21st to 23rd and then will move to Abu Dhabi from Tuesday 24th to Wednesday 25th.

Work experience

G-iron will give the possibility to one of the students of the technical institute ITIS Galileo Galilei (Arezzo) to increase his/her knowledge thanks to a work experience in our company. Among the students that will graduate with the highest grades, the teachers will recommend those who are most...
normative internazionali esposizione campi magnetici

Shielding Cabins

G-iron Srl is currently working in Milan shielding the MV/LV substations that will power the buildings of the Expo 2015 starting next May. Our company is particularly proud to take part in this project, not only for its international proportions and significance, but also because of the theme...

Shielding system for Hospital

On April 18 and 19, G-iron Srl shielded from magnetic radiations some critical areas of San Donato Hospital, in Arezzo (Italy). Our technicians shielded a transformer room which, due to some changes made in the technological equipment of the hospital, had to increase the supply of electricity,...

New communication style

G-iron Srl, in order to modernize its communication style, has recently renewed its information materials. The brochures presenting our company and our E.L.F. shielding systems have now a brand new design. In addition to that, the test on the Shielding Effectiveness (SE) of G-iron systems are now...
certificazione iso9001

ISO 9001:2008 Certification

G-iron Srl was recently granted the ISO 9001:2008 certification. This is yet another voucher of G-iron's professionalism expressed in our daily activities and organisation.
G-iron goes to Australia

G-iron goes to Australia

After The Emirates, Japan, Canada, and the United States, G-iron ended the year in Australia. The companies we met down under all expressed their interest in our products. This trip was another confirmation of G-iron Flex's uniqueness. We hope to have a distributor in the near future that...
G-iron in New York

G-iron goes to U.S.A.

The first 15 days of August 2013 G-iron will be in New York where there will be an important meeting with the retailer of the America market. This meeting will allow G-iron to find new strategies to be more present in America.
G-iron flies to Canada

G-iron in Canada

After being in New York, G-iron from 12 to 14 August 2013 will be in Toronto. It will partecipate in technical end business seminars that will allow the entrance of G-iron also in North America.